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All the sexy Hannah Ferguson can muster for Ocean Drive spread

06.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

Looking at Hannah Ferguson bathing in a chlorinated watering hole, wearing swimsuits that accentuate her all-naturals, is almost anthropological in the sense that we're looking at a human being – of the female persuasion – in her man-made, natural habitat, doing what she's genetically predisposed to be doing. Most babe gazing can be considered anthropology; that helps during those moments when trying to convince yourself you're less of a pervert than you truly are. Seeking the attention of the opposite sex is something ingrained into the DNA of hotties like Hannah. It's the only logical answer they can come to when asking themselves what is the reason for being endowed with such attention grabbing attributes. In fact, you can take a photo from one of Ms. Ferguson's many bikini shoots, specifically where she's posing with her ass up in the air, and put it on the cover of National Geographic with the headline: The Mating Call of a Human Hottie, and you wouldn't be far off the mark.

Source: Ocean Drive


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