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All the rest of the finest hotties from this year's Golden Globes

01.09.2017by: Droz

Well, maybe not ALL of them, but certainly some of the standout hotties who graced the red carpets and after parties looking their tastiest. It's amazing how quickly we go from holidays to award season. It happens at about the same time every year, but somehow it always surprises me. I guess I need a little bit of a breather between noting holiday hotties and award show hotties. It doesn't look like we're going to get that this year. That's fine, because at least we're now officially out of that holiday slump. All the finest babes are gonna be spending the next couple months eagerly seeking out all the limelight they can get. And you know what that means? Sexy dresses galore.

Take this lot below. Lots of lovely ladies showing off lots of lovely lady bits. I think a few might have even been showing off a little more than they anticipated. I'm looking at you, Elizabeth Olsen - not with criticism, but rather genuine respect and admiration for your lack of interest in concealing pasties, despite the wearing a sheer dress. That's my kind of girl, as are all of the lovely ladies below.

The Golden Globes hotties are listed as follows: Brie Larson, Elizabeth Olsen, Greer Grammer, Hailee Steinfeld, Hilary Duff, Maria Menounos, Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Hudgens, and Victoria Justice

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