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All eyes were on Hailee Steinfeld's sexy legs during her trip to Tokyo

10.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

If this past weekend's political shenanigans have taught me anything it's that I'll never be a viable candidate for president. While I don't condone grabbing anyone's va jay jay without some form of consent, I've engaged in enough "locker room talk" – all of which is well-documented – to keep my name out of the running. It's not like I ever had a shot at the highest office in the land, I'm just saying that if I did, verbally drooling over Hailee Steinfeld's delectable thighs might stifle my courting of the feminist demographic. I don't care. I'd give up that humbling honor if it meant I had to pretend I didn't love it when Hailee shows up to events like the Hearst Fujingaho Beauty Festival in Tokyo (whatever the f**k that is) with a hearty portion of those sexy stems showing. If I was president, Hailee Steinfield would definitely be my Secretary of State. Imagine how well she could negotiate in our interest if world leaders were distracted by those perfect legs; she could potentially disarm North Korea.

Source: NS4W


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