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Alison Brie's little red dress looks like it's about to fall off her

02.15.2016by: Droz

Looks like Alison Brie's dresses want to come off her body just as much as we do. Naked Alison is one of those things the whole damn planet wants to see, so you'd think that kind of collective urgency would spur her to action. Nothing yet though. Just all kinds of teasing and nearly there nudity moments. How desperately do we have to ask, Alison? Anyway, I guess we can be somewhat content with Alison getting super leggy in a tiny little red dress that looks like she had an encounter with a rabid fan desperate to get a look at them titties. I could never condone any kind of behavior which might seek to harm Alison in any way. However, I would very much would like to present her with a few important reasons why it would be advantageous to make with the nakedness soon. It's only a 2-hour lecture, with slides and graphs to back up my claims.

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