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Alison Brie won't stay single long looking this cute

02.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Based on what the trailer for 'How to be Single' shows, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' may have a more plausible story line. The hook appears to be Rebel Wilson is teaching woman: How to be Single. That movie only needs to be 2 minutes long. It's simple; If you want to be single ... be like Rebel Wilson's character (an Amy Schumer clone that's supposed to be endearing when acting like a drunk, obnoxious slob) and watch 'em flee. Dudley Moore did the loveable drunk thing best in Arthur, FYI. In what world does Dakota Johnson and Alison Brie need advice about dudes from Rebel Wilson? Even if she could assimilate her crass behavior, that still wouldn't repel me from her. Gaze into these premiere photos and see the amazing view that is she. Although, she is looking a bit thinner of late - time to remove the gypsy curse and fill out a bit. But that's nitpicking what is otherwise an excellent display of sexy. I'm usually too fixated on the rack - and those eyes - to have ever noticed what an outstanding pair of pins she has. Whenever she tires of being single, just turn around and check out the never ending line of guys dying to remedy that.

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