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Alison Brie was the single hottest thing at the How To Be Single London premiere

02.09.2016by: Droz

No big surprise that Alison Brie was the sexiest thing at the London premiere of HOW TO BE SINGLE. She's the sexiest thing at the drug store, or the doctor's office, or the car wash, or any place she happens to be. Curious though that she keeps showing up in movies wherein the central theme is staying single. She's been dating and just recently engaging with Dave Franco, James' little bro, since 2012. Are they trying to imply something there? Namely no one man seems good enough for a uber hottie like Alison? I suspect so. Take the hint, Alison. No one is good enough for you. Except for me, of course. We're the perfect match. You should drop that loser and look me up immediately. Please? I have thin mints. A whole case of them. I'm so lonely...

Source: NSFW


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