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Alison Brie is our Hottie of the Month for April 2016

04.04.2016by: Salacious Crumb

Our Hottie of the Month for April 2016 is a fan favorite around these parts, the lovely Alison Brie! No April Fool's, no tricks, no gags (unfortunately). If we've learned anything from the many animated GIFs of the internet, it's that Alison has built up a whole, shall we say, "community" of admirers.  Even those who claim to be on "team Britta" have to admit Alison's made it a long way from her days as an aspiring party clown (it's true, look it up). With an ongoing slate of upcoming film appearances, things don't seem to be slowing down for our precious Annie. So, without further adieu, let's pay tribute to our hottie of the month in the only form that makes sense: a video! Enjoy...

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