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Alison Brie has been hot enough to melt all the snow at Sundance

01.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Do you Alison Brie lovers have a picture of Dave Franco pinned to your dart boards at home? I know I'd have some symbolic gesture if a girl I was into was bumping uglies with that goofy dude. Not that Franco doesn't have his own appeal or serve his purpose in scandalous comedy scenes or anything but even I, someone who isn't 100% madly in love with Brie, knows how far out of his league she is. Alison, who is in Park City to support her movie JOSHY, has been rocking the cute boots & furry jackets attire, batting those giant eyes at hers for the cameras of the Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire, both of whom didn't capitalize on having her in their grasp and maxing out the images. She's also going to make another voice appearance as UniKitty (my spirit animal) in a LEGO MOVIE short due out on January 29th, if the IMDB info is correct. And don't forget THE DISASTER ARTIST, the film directed by her soon-to-be brother-in-law, James Franco, based on the infamously best worst movie ever, THE ROOM.
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