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Alicia Vikander toe touching in a bikini to the benefit of us all

07.27.2015by: No Cool Handle

It could be toe touching, or a number of other things like a minor trip or drying of her feet. Whatever the reason, it led to these pictures of Ex Machina star Alicia Vikander fully bent over with her sopping wet backside perfectly oriented to the camera's lens; glorious. It's easy to be thankful for the proliferation of paparazzi doing the perverted, invasive job most of us don't want to do, but all want to see. In fact, it seems prudent to acknowledge the expertise needed to be in the right place at the right time to catch this waterlogged fembot at such an angle. Perhaps he was just lucky, or perhaps it was a little of both. Either way, it's a brighter day when you come to the Joblo moviehotties section and are greeted with Alicia Vikander's dripping wet, bikini covered, vertical smile.

Extra Tidbit: With Ex Machina and Humans; it seems as though there has been an emptiness that needed to be filled with tales of f*uckable fembots. Are these stories trying to say there's an untouched consumer demographic out there whose demand for an interactive fleshlight has yet to be fulfilled?
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