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Alicia Vikander is a robo babe

05.06.2015by: Droz

As we left the theater after seeing AVENGERS last weekend, I noticed that a showing of EX MACHINA was about to start. So, without much else to do on a Saturday afternoon, we decided to make it a double feature day. It turned out to be an interesting movie, particularly for a person like myself who is fascinated with the implications of artificial intelligence and the repercussions of that technology. If you don't know the story, it essentially revolves around a billionaire search engine genius, who with his spare time and money, invents human-like robots in need of testing and evaluating in a Turing Test style approach. So he brings in one of his employees to run his robot through the paces to see if it can interact with a human in a convincing way. I enjoyed the movie and the atmospheric way they filmed it. It's kind of creepy at times, sometimes claustrophobic, sometimes sexy and funny. One thing it has in abundance is Swedish hottie Alicia Vikander, who plays the often uncomfortably sexy droid. She's very beautiful in the role, despite the rather slick special effects they apply to her.

I think you'll agree that Alicia looks even better with all her skin and hair intact, as they were at the Met Gala the other night. This theme of the hot robot is an oft revisited premise in movies and TV and I always feel kind of grossed out by myself when I realize that more often than not I'm totally turned on by these devices. Does it make me a disgusting sex freak because I want to screw that sexy robot? I don't know. All I can say is that it's real tough not to grow a chub as you witness the story of Alicia's character play itself out in this movie.


Extra Tidbit: She kind of looks like Swedish actress Christina Lindberg, which makes her all the hotter in my eyes.
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