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Alice Eve looks lip-smackingly good walking the streets of Los Angeles

10.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Ugh. I had to go looking up to see if the reason why Alex Pettyfer and Alice Eve were spotted together in Los Angeles this past weekend was because they were filming a project together but from what I could glean, this is not the case. Pettyfer has given me the creeps ever since I read about him terrorizing ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron in a club a few years back. There were a number of other things said that Agron's management team reported were false, but it still stands that the dude has got a temper that he can't control even when there are witnesses around. While Alice got hitched to her high school sweetheart, Alex Cowper-Smith back in December of last year, marriages are infamous for not lasting long for actors, especially since Cowper-Smith and Eve haven't been together the entire time, but rather reunited sometime in 2013.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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