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Ali Larter put on her sexiest jeans and blew the last of her Resident Evil cash

03.11.2016by: Droz

It's amazing to me that we're living in 2016 and they're still making RESIDENT EVIL movies. Supposedly this new one, THE FINAL CHAPTER, is just that. It really needs to be. That horse died about 3 movies ago and has by this point been kicked to a bloody pulp. But you never know. Maybe they'll go and reboot the thing with a whole new cast and for another 15 years of going sequel happy. It's happened before. If those movies did anyone any good, it was Ali Larter, who's Resident Evil character has made a few inexplicable comebacks from certain death since first showing up in this series back in 2007. Poor Ali. She never seems to catch on with anything she does. That's unfortunate, because she is such a great addition to anything she does, if only just for her eye candy. Someone put her on one of those endless cops shows your mom watches so she can have some steady work. Ali is too much of a hottie to be resigned to always waiting for the next RESIDENT EVIL movie.

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