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Ali Larter lets her hotness correspond for itself

05.01.2017by: Droz

For some odd reason I sat down this weekend to watch the latest RESIDENT EVIL movie. Don't ask me why I would make such an odd decision. Call it morbid curiosity or just me punishing myself for a couple hours. And it was punishment. Those movies just get dumber and dumber. I actually don't mind dumb. You could argue the FAST AND FURIOUS movies have achieved a remarkable level of dumbness. But they have The Rock and Jason Statham. What did the new RE movie have? Pretty much just phoned in performances and a lot of 2-second cuts.

Oh yeah, and next to nothing with Ali Larter. I imagine there's some domestic tranquility issues at work there. The director, being the husband to this franchise's star Milla Jovovich, probably can't let his wifey stray too far from center frame for the likes of an arguably hotter MILF in Ali. Just look at her at this Not White House Correspondents Dinner. With all due respect to Milla who's had some fine moments of hotness herself, Ali is where I'm at when it comes to sexy 40+ MILFs. I don't hold with Ali being put on the sidelines. She needs to find herself a shitty franchise of her own that puts her front and center. That I would gladly suffer through.

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