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Ali Larter is so crazy hot, she might get you to buy PopChips

07.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
The last time I remember the PopChip company trying to sell their "healthier" snack with the help of a celebrity, it was Katy Perry and they'd created some sweet/salty kettle chip sorta deal. All I know about those is that I ended up seeing them in the dollar store about 6 months after they were unveiled, presumably because they weren't tasty. Now the company has enlisted the services of Ali Larter and her big smile to push their new Crazy Hot version of the snack and all I can say is... damn, those are some dope shoes she's got on! Seriously, those are really cool and the legs they're attached to are pretty darn swell as well. I only lament that she was able to keep her skirt from being upended by the wind because Ali Larter butt shots are the best snack around!
Source: Got Celeb


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