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Ali Larter gives us a peek at her evil panties

01.10.2017by: Droz

Curious what the odds are on this new RESIDENT EVIL movie being the actual last chapter, as its title would suggest. I'm giving it an 80/20 chance they keep this franchise going in some fashion. These movies have proven themselves a quick money maker. As long as Sony can throw a few million into them and make a profit, they'll find a way to keep cranking them out. This new one could put the franchise over the $1 billion worldwide box office earnings hump. So don't be surprised if they discover a new chapter somewhere down the line.

The question is whether this franchise's resident leads can dish it out like they did 15 years ago when it first got going. They were all in their 20s back then. Now they're well into their 40s. One RESIDENT EVIL hottie who continues to have no problem bringing the hotness is Ali Larter, who is yet another one of those special hotties who just gets better as the years roll on. She was kind enough to demonstrate this fact at the Mexico premiere of RE:TFC by wearing a dress which doesn't do much to conceal the exact nature of her undergarments. What a great way to demonstrate how little the years matter when it comes to her sex appeal.

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