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Ali Larter brings leggy goodness to all her Resident Evil events

01.27.2017by: Droz

All this RESIDENT EVIL publicity has given us a lot more Ali Larter than we usually get. I can't say what her relatively small footprint on the celebrity appearances circuit is about. Perhaps Ali just prefers to be the wife and mother rather than trying to stay true to the hectic grind of an international movie star. We all have our priorities. I'm glad to see Ali making one of her priorities, at least for the time being, the display of sexy legs while doing her RE appearances. She really does earn that good grade she got on her Hottie Report Card, if for no other reason the way she just refuses to stop getting better as she ages. I've always enjoyed Ali, but it's a total night and day thing when it comes to her early days and what we see of her now. That's not some MILF fantasy thing either. I genuinely feel like this is the best Ali has ever been. And that's a damn miracle.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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