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Ali Larter brings back the 70s with her bell bottoms booty

04.07.2017by: Droz

I'm going to go out on a limb and name Ali Larter as my favorite celebrity MILF hottie. I know, that's pushing aside a number of truly amazing women. I don't discount the possibility that I may be overlooking a few others who could challenge her. I may also be feeling some residual effects from seeing Ali's amazing MILF booty in these bell bottoms while out getting her shopping fix in Venice Beach. Still, I don't think she's an unreasonable choice for top 5 MILFs at the very least. Girl is holding up better than many women younger than she who have gotten themselves in the business of squirting out and tending to rug rats. Girl looks just as perfectly put together here as she ever has in all the years we've been lusting after her. That alone makes me feel good about things. Nice to see at least one part of my youth holding up well all these years later.

Source: NSFW


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