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Ali Larter always pitches a perfect hottie game

09.14.2016by: Droz

It's strange how one of the finest hotties of her generation, Ali Larter, is also one of the most unsung. I suppose there are reasons for that. She's not gonna win any Oscars or anything, which I guess is what keeps her from getting the choice roles. She's also attached herself to some stuff that went down in flames pretty bad, the most well known of which is probably Heroes, which never made very good use of her anyway. Aside from the career shit, the most important thing to note about Ali is how totally amazing she is as a hottie, even after kids and passing 40 earlier this year. None of that has hurt her in the slightest. Actually, I would argue she's only gotten hotter as the years have gone by. A lot would say it's only men who get better looking with age, but I point to Ali as an example of how women can manage that too.

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