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Alexis Ren uses sexy tactics to sell Logan Howell jewelry

02.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

I've sometimes wondered how effective it is to sell jewelry using an overabundance of ass and titties. Wouldn't the use of such tactics distract from the desired effect? You're basically diverting people's attention away from the bright, shiny objects when using Alexis Ren's bright, fleshy objects in the same frame. Despite the fact that the target audience is of the female persuasion, whose attention will more than likely go to the gold rings and diamond studded chains, when you have a hottie like Alexis Ren flashing her bare ass, even ladies will become confused as to what they're supposed to be looking at. Whatever, I'm sure the folks over at Logan Hollowell jewelry know best how to push their wares. As far as Alexis Ren goes: it's about time we move passed the implied nudity shit (save for the aforementioned bare ass). This carefree babe has obviously chosen the path to becoming an iconic sex symbol – it's time to fully commit. In other words: Let's finally get a clear look at them boobs.

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