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Alexis Ren teases and titilates in front of Kim Akrich's lens

10.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Somewhere on Kim Akrich's SD card there lies the uncensored version of her latest shoot with bikini model extraordinaire, Alexis Ren. She made it a point to confirm this on her Instagram account: "censored version - too many sensitive hearts around here." Are there really enough conservative folks who visit her page to warrant censorship? In a society where it's inhabitant's make decisions via majority rules, I'd like to tally the total number of votes in favor of seeing Alexis Ren's nude body. Unlike the outcome of our current presidential election, I'm sure we'll see a landslide victory. Of all the photo shoots Alexis has done, this one is the biggest tease, although, not in an overly frustrating way – they are still extremely stimulating. And while our presidential hopefuls prattle on about one releasing their tax returns and the other releasing their emails, I'm going to campaign for the release of all those raw images. I believe in sticking to the issues that really matter.

Source: Kim Akrich


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