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Alexis Ren's rear has a good working relationship with denim

04.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

Having good relationships in the workplace is a vital component to success. This is why every time Alexis Ren and a tight pair of denim slacks work harmoniously together magic happens. Photos of Alexis Ren standing in front of a stark white backdrop are transformed into images impossible to ignore. Her brilliant figure, exposed midriff, lovely chest – showcased in slightly see-through sports bras, no less – and denim covered derrière come together in the spirit of collaboration to show the world what happens when each essential part – no matter how big or small – comes together to form a unified, and ridiculously sexy, whole. It doesn't hurt that Alexis Ren's tush might as well have been painstakingly handcrafted to look good compressed into cotton twill fabric. Hats off to Hera London for putting together a shoot comprised entirely of a dynamic duo like Alexis Ren and a tight pair of jeans.

Source: Hera London


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