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Alexis Ren makes sure we're never short on quality booty pics

07.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

It won't be long before the herd of pro photographers, who specialize in shooting the sexiest of models, begins to thin. There's a tech savvy generation of hotties who, with the aid of advancing smart phones, are showing an aptitude for taking professional looking photos and instantly distributing them to their faithful followers. Scattered throughout this collection of Alexis Ren social media pics are images taken under both professional (using the term loosely; more like an acolyte who's good with a DSLR) and amateur circumstances. Besides resulting in thongtastic views of the youthful blonde's amazing arse, they make for good evidential exhibits. Cameras are only going to become easier and more user friendly, to the point where even the most unsteady hand and untrained eye can achieve quality results. Add to that a seriously photogenic subject like Alexis Ren, and the photos basically take themselves.

Source: InstaGram


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