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Alexis Ren looks as good in spandex as she does in bikinis

06.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's not often you find Alexis Ren out of bikini but when you do, rest assured it will be in something equally mesmerizing... like, I don't know, spandex. And even when she's not touting a brand like Bandier's latest line of workout gear you'll find her in denim shorts cut high on the hip, tank tops with an exposed midriff or some cute little sundress that only serves to enhance her loveliness. Many have often said [that] Ms. Ren has a body built for bikinis, and that truism extends to form fitting gym wear as well. Even still images of her bending and arching into tantalizing positions bring about a wide gamut of stimulating sensations. All that being said, it still doesn't quite feel like a proper Alexis Ren outing without at least one photo of her donning the attire of choice. So, at no extra charge, there are few recent images with our lady of the bikini included. The circle is now complete.

Source: Bandiergot celeb


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