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Alexis Ren is sweet and fun and sexy as can be in a gold bikini

Model Alexis Ren is a sweet sight that’s new to my eyes, but I’m going to be keeping a close watch on her now. We’ve got some pics of a recent shoot she did in a sexy gold bikini, as well as some snaps of her (appearing to be) having fun with her shoes.

I have to say, Alexis immediately struck me as a “cool girl in high school” type. Like, she’s the girl who would smile and give nerds like me the time of day while walking in the hallways, but then she’d be cheering her quarterback boyfriend on from the sidelines the next minute. And yet you can tell by her attitude that comes across in these pics, she’d also be the first one to do a keg stand and suggest a late night skinny dip in the pool. And with a spirit like that, she’s going to be one that keeps me interested to see what she’ll do next.

Source: WWTDD


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