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Alexis Ren could sell Beach Bunny bikinis in her sleep

10.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Beach Bunny swimwear is extremely fortunate to have a young hottie like Alexis Ren touting their wares. The 19-year-old Instababe possesses a figure that defines bikini body; that's why her name is on the list of go to models for mega companies like Calvin Klein and L'Oreal. In an interview for The Cut, she had this to say in regards to the effect being an Internet sex symbol has had on her intellect. "I think I’ve lived more in five years than a person has in their entire life. Because of how much I’ve gone through, I want to say I’m more wise than my age.” You can't be more wise than your age; you can be wise for your age; or wiser than your age would suggest, just not "more wise." But Alexis Ren is not sought after for her ability to turn a phrase. People seek out photo after photo of this free-spirited blonde because she's more pretty than her age. Just take a look at this searing hot photo shoot and you'll get the idea.

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