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Alexis Ren: A life in bikinis

05.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

The carefree Alexis Ren is out to prove she can go through her entire life with nothing but the bikini on her back. That's why she's the perfect model for any and every swimwear company like Cotton On. It appears they created a painstakingly detailed Alexis Ren: A day in the life of photo shoot to sell their 2016 collection. Reenacting little vignettes that make up her day, like: hanging out with her boyfriend, looking herself over, showing her ass off and engaging in free-spirited activities such as spreadeagle bike riding, all while wearing a two piece; they're all here. If the tables were turned and my daily routine was being documented for posterity, it would consist of one photo showing me at my computer, watching Alexis Ren's much more fulfilling life unfold on the Internet. Still, that's better than not having a hottie (who looks amazing in a bikini) like Alexis Ren to pine over.

Source: Cotton On


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