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Alexina Graham is the hottest redhead model you'll see today

05.10.2016by: Droz

It's my long held position that there aren't enough genuine redheads in modelling. They're some of the most beautiful humans alive, so why wouldn't they be all over the modelling world? I think I know why this is. As a companion to a few redheads in my time, I'm uniquely cognizant of their frequently, shall we say, disagreeable temperament. Which is a nice way to say they can be moody as f*ck. Not the sort of people to let some photographer boss them around in a photo studio somewhere. The stunning Alexina Graham must have overcome her kind's tendency toward fiery disagreeableness. Or else some modelling agency is putting up with a lot of shit just to get this vision of crimson loveliness out into the world. Either way, I'm so very happy to see her.

Model Alexina Graham

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