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Alexandra Daddario's crimson colored ass on patrol with Kelly Rohrbach

03.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

When the first set pics from the upcoming BAYWATCH movie first emerged, I expressed my concerns about the costume designers possibly taking a more conservative approach to the iconic lifeguard attire – those concerns have been laid to rest. I want to go out on a limb and say I think they've actually made some improvements. It looks like they cut it even higher on the hips, making it easier for the crimson fabric to ride up the crack, and even added a zipper to the front which allows them to adjust how much cleavage they actually want to show; hopefully they'll unzip it down to the bellybutton. But enough about the costume, let's talk about the asses filling them out. We have some nice two-shots here of Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach patrolling, no doubt, dangerous waters; a set of photos entirely made up of ass shots. F*** my usual perverted praises – go check out the glorious views for yourself.

Source: NSFW


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