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Alexandra Daddario will be your avenging angel

01.28.2016by: Droz

Alexandra Daddario was on hand for the launch of a new Avengers video game, but unfortunately so was an extremely annoying bra underneath her see thru shirt. Dammit! Foiled by support garments yet again. Those things are more trouble than they're worth. As for the rest of Alexandra, this event marks a rare occasion when she shows up somewhere with minimal makeup. Usually she's made up to perfection for events like these. This is a little of the real Alexandra and I'm just as impressed with her. Her hypnotic eyes never change. I'm always happy to see Alexandra in any capacity, but we really do need to see more of her in 2016. She's woefully underrepresented at places and events where going braless is not only possible but preferred. Let's all hope she gets out more in the months to come, preferably without the obstructionist under clothes.

Source: NSFW


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