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Alexandra Daddario swaps spandex for cut offs on the Baywatch set

03.02.2016by: Droz

Work continues on bringing Baywatch into the 21st century, with Alexandra Daddario heading things up alongside Dwayne Johnson taking over for the The Hoff. I'm always happy to see Alexandra anywhere, in any capacity. Even better when she's in a pair of cut offs which tease a little sexy belly. I don't know what to make of this movie though. If it turns out to be a spoof of the cheesy 90s show like the 21 JUMP STREET movie, I could get into it. Let's be honest here, if there was ever a show crying out to be spoofed, it's Baywatch. Turning that show into a screwball comedy could be fun. Or it might suck ass. Could go either way at this point. One this is for certain - they will greatly improve this movie's chances at success if they make sure it features copious amounts of Alexandra in those requisite red one piece numbers with the tits squeezing out. But that goes without saying.

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