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Alexandra Daddario straddling a four wheeler may cause a case of raging hormones

03.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Other side effects may include: sticky keyboards, Compulsive Masturbating Disorder (CMD), an erection lasting longer than 11 hours, tissue-towering, enlarged triceps, divorce, wet dreams, obsession, screen burn and in the most severe cases, a heart attack. Consult your physician to see if Alexandra Daddario completely bent over is safe for you. With so many pictures of this once-in-a-generation hottie flooding the internet, pharmaceutical companies are going to see an uptick in demand for Diagra; a pill used to stop an outbreak of raging hard-ons - first Ebola then Zika and now, indefinite erections. We've seen the damaging effects CO2 and Methane can have when released (in large amounts) into the atmosphere; but what happens on the day of the BAYWATCH movie release when incalculable amounts of testosterone are set free and mixing with other atmospheric elements? You won't be able to walk past a single f***ing tree without witnessing a 60 squirrel gang bang.

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