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Alexandra Daddario offers another dose of her big boobs *UPDATED WITH VIDEO

05.14.2015by: Droz

I will forever be fascinated with anything where Alexandra Daddario shows us her beautifully big-titty nature, like in this small spread in The Stndrd magazine or the even smaller spread she has in Details magazine. That said, I have to broach the subject of how little we see Alexandra in such spreads. Why is that, magazine people? If there was ever a woman suited to be on the cover of magazines crammed full of extensively and clearly photographed fully body spreads, it's this one. Add to that the virtually universal love affair many of us have had with her since that True Detective full frontal brilliance and the whole thing becomes a no-brainer. Yet try to find anything featuring her on the newsstands. You wont, because she's hardly ever there.

That leads me to assume her absence from such publications is due to decisions Alexandra herself is making. Perhaps she has some sort of issue with using her sublime rack as a means of rising up the Hollywood ranks. Maybe she wants to make it entirely by virtue of her acting skills alone. That could be why she's showing up in movies dressed like this:

That's a noble cause, Alex. However, the time to make that decision was before you did that legendary strip on national television. Going from full frontal to frumpy is only going to create confusion and frustration. You took the plunge, now you gotta follow up. I'm not saying you gotta get naked all the time now. It would be nice if you give us something more than infrequent and scant magazine spreads and tightly buttoned collars. You definitely got our attention. The trick now is to keep it.

**UPDATE** - Now with video.


Source: StndrdDetails


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