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Alexandra Daddario is our Hottie of the Month 2015

05.21.2015by: Salacious Crumb

For years now, Alexandra Daddario has been frolicking down the trail of success, gleaming with luminous beauty, leaving all those in her path ablaze with her radiant hotness. At the very least, she's made her mark in the land of Movie Hotties, and there's no question about that. Whether it was through TRUE DETECTIVE, the PERCY JACKSON flicks, or even (gulp) TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, just about everyone has been made acquainted with this splendiferous treasure. Next weekend, Alexandra can be seen exciting fault lines with her Levi's in SAN ANDREAS, and it's also very possible someone will smell Dwayne Johnson's cooking. This considered, along with the simple fact that we adore her, we figured she deserves a video tribute of her very own. As a matter of fact, we hereby deem Alexandra Daddario the Hottie of the Month for May 2015!  


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