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Alexandra Daddario hypnotizes the London crowd for San Andreas premiere

05.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I once read a comment about Alexandra Daddario that likened her blue-eyed stare to that of the Hypno-Toad from "Futurama." Just like that cartoon amphibian bewitching the viewing audience of Fry's freeze-dried future, Daddario's wide, unblinking peepers are doing the same to movie going audiences. That, or the "True Detective" boob reveal. Depends on how many people have pay cable (or the internet, or NetFlix or any of the wide variety of ways to find that clip). It's a shame that Alexandra seems to have only the two default settings - the stare or that maniacal clownish smile of hers - when having her picture taken. She's one of those babes who benefits from being a live-action person because I've never thought of her as being flat out beautiful unless it was watching her in motion. I love the retro hair she's got going on for this red carpet premiere of SAN ANDREAS in London. I have to note that while we might be a litigious nation where everyone gets taken to court over handicapped infractions, I've still never seen a row dedicated to individuals in wheelchairs who attend movie premieres. What a lot in life, eh? You can't use your legs, so we'll let you get close enough to reach out and touch famous people's asses, if you so dare.  

As a cute aside, Daddario's co-star, Ioan Gruffudd recently talked about how his 5-year old daughter became infatuated with the voluptuous 29-year old. "Our daughter fell so much in love with her that when Ella was leaving, she went down on her hands and knees and started fanning. She was absolutely besotted. She thought she was a princess." Oh, I'm sure a few of you would get down on your knees for Alexandra. I'm just not sure you'd be fanning her when you were down there.


Source: Demotix


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