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Alexandra Daddario honored the NFL with her exquisite hotness

02.06.2017by: Droz

It mystifies me why pics of Alexandra Daddario doing just about anything are so hard to come by. Most of these other pics you see here in today's various posts come from galleries made up of dozens, if not hundreds of pics. Yet all I can seem to find of Alexandra's NFL Honors presentation are 8 measly pics. This happens again and again. Only tiny galleries of pics featuring Alexandra, sometimes dressed in sexy stuff that shows off her perfect body, make it to the web. You'd think with the kind of love she gets from pretty much everyone, snapping off hundreds of pics of her would be the norm as well. Nope, not really. Perhaps pics of Alex come at a premium, sort of like her nude scenes. Still only one of those to speak of, now 3 years old. What's the deal? Alexandra isn't gonna get any more perfect. Gotta start throwing her the kind of cash it would take to get them clothes off again. Chop-chop people. Time's a wastin'.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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