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Alexandra Daddario & her epic boobs wave to you from Kimmel

05.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I often wonder just how much softer Jimmy Kimmel is going to get over the years. While I understand that he was angling for a hook in his younger years, there's a part of me that misses the rough edges of the Kimmel from "The Man Show" years. I've seen it pop out when he's passionate about something (his take on parents who don't vaccinate their children and his response to the idiots who shit all over him for the initial segment are classic) but I doubt the Jimmy who would have previously had the balls to ask Alexandra Daddario about her phenomenal tits and that unforgettable scene from "True Detective" will have done so on his ABC show. Too many people to please. (I say all of this having not watched the show or the clips at the time that I'm writing this.) Daddario is out promoting her latest movie, SAN ANDREAS, where we're supposed to believe that she's The Rock's daughter... and that people will still want to see disaster movies like they did in the '90's.


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