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Alexandra Daddario drops the life saving sh*t for a proper Baywatch style beatdown

03.23.2016by: Droz

Okay, I give up trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this BAYWATCH movie. Now Alexandra Daddario's character is attacking dudes on bikes with her float? I mean I know a few downtown commuters here who would cheer her on with this bicycle beat down, but it's still a pretty random thing to do. As is pulling her top off mid ass-kicking. Actually, I'm just fine with that. Clearly she needed to spin her top back around the right way anyway. I mean unless it's supposed to be buttoned up the back, in which case it becomes less of a fashion statement and more like a great way to dislocate a shoulder. All tomfoolery aside, not since that fabled first season of True Detective have I seen Alexandra pull her top over her head like this. So nice to see again. Clearly the view under there is more obscured this time around, but having Alex in minimal amount of clothing is always the right way to go no matter what.

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