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Alexandra Daddario chose to show a lot of leg at The Choice premiere

02.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

It takes a special kind of sexy to make outfits that lean a little towards conservative to look tongue wagging hot – Alexandra Daddario's got it like that. She can put on your basic romper and elicit the same kind of sexually laced fantasies as a see-through, baby doll Teddy would. That's not a choice, that's a gift. 'The Choice' is the premiere she showed up to; the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation; no doubt filled to the brim with romantic clichés and female oriented melodrama. But hey, his s#*t sells. For all of you poor souls that'll be dragged to this two hour endurance test, take solace in the fact you're going to get one or two scenes with this leggy lass and an ensemble of hotties like Teresa Palmer and Maggie Grace in their bikinis. Then again, you should be cautiously pessimistic. That scene is a promise made by the trailer, but, it could be an extremely brief part of the movie or omitted altogether. If that's the case; I'd get bit by one of those mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus as soon as possible. That's the only way you're getting out of it.

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