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Alexa PenaVega's nerdy striped booty shows off tattoo after perfect score

10.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor
While we haven't been getting as many of the booty-in-workout-tights shots of Alex PenaVega coming out of the "Dancing with the Stars" studios as I'd hoped for, what we have gotten has been pretty great. While the show tarts up the former SPY KIDS star for when she's dancing, the au naturale version of PenaVega is a delight, showing that you don't need a ton of makeup (or contact lenses!) to be super cute, just some fun poses and a spunky attitude. Alexa apparently got the first perfect score of the season for her tango with Julianne's brother Derek Hough, proving that she's got some talent in those shapely little legs of hers. As for the boobs that she hides during practice, they sure do make them stand out in those outfits she's got to hoof in. Woof!
Source: Got Celeb


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