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Alexa PenaVega shows off her natural beauty in new jewelry ad campaign

04.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Back in 2011 or so, I remember seeing some pictures of Alexa PenaVega in a bikini with a much larger chest, in the way that chests look fuller and rounder right after having had a boob job installed. When she was a teenager, Alexa was very petite and while I know that there are "miracle" bras out there that can give the illusion of bigger boobs, this wasn't what it looked like. But it's been a few years, a divorce, a remarriage, a renaming since then and Alexa appears to have either gotten her implants to "settle" (as those who have good plastic surgery will tell you, everything eventually relaxes into place and doesn't "stand out" as much) or she's downsized to what she might have had before the work. Whatever the case, Alexa has been a good looking lady no matter what her cup size and in this ad campaign for Robyn Rhodes jewelry, she's positively glowing. I guess that silly name change and remarriage are suiting her quite nicely.
Source: CeleBzz


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