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Alexa PenaVega gives you a little something to sip on in a new photoshoot

01.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There's reportedly another MACHETE movie in the works, one where Danny Trejo cooks vegan tacos and smiles like the decent dude that he is. Nah... reportedly the next installment in the phony movie trailer that actually turned into a movie series will be called MACHETE KILLS IN SPACE and of course Alexa PenaVega is rumoured to be in the cast because who wouldn't want to see see her in that bra top again reprise her character, Killjoy? While we wait on Rodriguez to sort out the revealing costumes that Alexa may or may not be wearing, the lovely Latina is making sure she's in the forefront of our lusty minds with this new photoshoot done by Izak Rappaport. The shoot goes from a '60's inspired style with PenaVega sipping seductively on bottled water to softer, frosty shots featuring the babe in braids and even a tongue wagging. I like this grown-up version of Alexa and her happiness with Carlos seems to be carrying over into everything she does.
Source: Celebuzz


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