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Alessandra Ambrosio sexually expresses herself without even meaning to

01.29.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Absolutley everything about Alessandra Ambrosio is sexy. Even saying the name out loud is sexy. It makes you a sexier person if you say it. She's such an incredible woman and after reading a few of the things she has to say in Ocean Drive magazine (which she just so happened to do a photoshoot for), I like her a little more now. She's busy, determined, a good mom and really, really ridiculously good looking. I have, like, three responsibilities in my life right now: this job, feeding my pet goldfish, Beauford, and remembering to put on pants whenever I go out in public (at the risk of getting tazed by the cops again) and I can't even imagine doing all the stuff Alessandra is doing. Sigh. What a woman. I've included the writing in case you folks would like to read that to, but if you're more interested in seeing the model in bikinis and running her fingers through her hair and lying down on the floor in sexy positions, I totally get it. I had to get that our of my system, too before even sitting down to write this. But now, it seems, it's time to share, so I'll end my little rant for now. Enjoy. 

Source: Got Celeb


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