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Alba's Nude Shower!

01.18.2008by: Seth Gecko

It's Friday everybody and we've got some great stuff to show you all before the lovely weekend arrives. It's friggin' cold up here in Canada right now so there won't be much to do outside anyway but that's why we have movie theatres. The first post today is a very special one as it features one of the hottest women in the celebrity realm and that is Jessica Alba of course.

Today, we give praise to the awesome "IGN" website for providing one of the most revealing and sexiest clips of Jessica ever which is featured in her upcoming horror remake, "The Eye". In the clip which is featured below, Jessica finishes up a shower and then we can see her nude body...through blurred glass (Sorry! Couldn't help myself.). After that, we see her dress and get an extremely quick view of her ass crack (Don't blink or you'll miss it!). It's a very hot clip and worthy of everyone's attention.

So if you're feeling sad about the fact that you're not the father of Jessica's baby and you need cheering up, do yourself a huge favour and check out the exclusive video clip below and watch out for the movie when it releases on February 1, 2008.

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