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Alba Is Pregnant!

12.12.2007by: Seth Gecko

I almost can't believe that I'm typing out the words pregnant and Jessica Alba in the same sentence but unfortunately I am. I was hoping that this was just a bad dream and that someone would hit me over the head with a Louisville slugger but that doesn't seem to be happening either. That's right everyone, the beautiful, innocent, sexy, naughty and wonderful babe we all know as Jessica Alba is pregnant to the lucky son of a bitch named Cash "Bounty On Me Head" Warren.

"People" magazine has officially quoted this statement today from Jessica's representative, "I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early summer.". First they were broken up cause he didn't want children and now they're back together and she's pregnant. What kind of world are we living in people? Let's look at the bright side even though the fact that it's not my baby just blows my mind to the point of no return which is that within a few months, her boobs will be huge and she will glow like never before.

To be perfectly honest, I'm happy for them both and I hope that Jessica goes through the pregnancy safely. However....a warning to Cash your back if you decide to walk down that strange and dark just might have an accident (Congratulations you lucky SOB!). So enjoy this photo below of Jessica gents and dream of better days to come.

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