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Ain't no party like an Anna Kendrick Nylon cover party

01.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I dunno, man. There has to be some sort of an agreement between the producers of INTO THE WOODS and Anna Kendrick about keeping her hot under wraps because this girl has been wearing nothing but boring ass fashion for the past last half of the year. She's way too young to start dressing like a preppy teenager from 1982, with what looks like a little girl's undershirt (what with that pineapple print and all). She looked way hotter for Nylon's February photoshoot but at the party celebrating the cover's release, Anna is back to strangely asexually feminine clothing and it's starting to disturb me. Will it take the PITCH PERFECT 2 promo tour to get her into a traditional mini skirt instead of whatever this ankle-length mesh barrier thing is? I hope something drastic happens. She's way too hip to be so square.
Source: Daily Mail


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