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Aimee Teegarden spent her time since Friday Night Lights getting hotter

10.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Despite being a fan of the movie FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, for some reason I never gave the series it's day in court. Probably because I'm unable to endure season after season of teenage angst, no matter what the show. However, had I been aware of Aimee Teegarden (That can't be a stage name, can it?), the possibility of tuning in every week would have dramatically increased. It's clear since the show went off the air in 2011, Aimee has spent her downtime pursuing other opportunities while continually becoming even sexier. She looked so f**king fine for her attendance to PaleyFest I immediately queued up the series on Netflix. After this little public display of sexy, you can see why she is prominently featured in RINGS – a new installment in the long-thought-dead horror franchise, coming down the pike in 2017. If the movie is promoted wisely we should see some sexy spreads of Aimee Teegarden, coming soon to a Wi-Fi connection near you.

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