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Aimee Teegarden does everything she can to get people excited about Rings

02.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

The Japanese film industry convinced the world there was nothing scarier than little kids with black hair, soaking wet from head to toe. This "spooky" archetype spawned a slew of Americanized Japanese horror movie remakes like DARK WATER, THE GRUDGE and perhaps most notably, THE RING (2002). Now, 15 years later, we have the next installment to what's being billed as a new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise – RINGS (2017).  It's second-place spot on the weekend box office tally proves there's some truth to that assertion. Fans seemingly can't get enough of the possessed VHS tape and it's murderous agenda. Obviously, it didn't hurt to have the sexy Aimee Teegarden attending the premiere in an eye-catching dress, complete with the requisite plunging neckline. Those true fans now have another reason to get excited over a new chapter in the long-running series.

Source: NS4W


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