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Aimee Teegarden brings her dazzling smile & perky cleavage to the beach for charity

08.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor
There was a brief moment when it appeared that Aimee Teegarden was going to explode in popularity after she completed her run on "Friday Night Lights." The teen-driven film PROM got splashy coverage back in 2011, as well as her appearance in SCREAM 4 that same year. Then... fizzle. While she's still been working this entire time, most of what she's been cast in has fallen short of break-out success. There was that bomb of a 1960's period drama, LOVE AND HONOR that went nowhere but straight to video. A couple years were spent on a show called "Aim High," where Teegarden headed back to high school for the web series about an adolescent spy. The CW couldn't get "Star Crossed" to work. So what's a lady with bad casting luck to do? Gussy herself up real pretty like and show off that busty body of hers for the 2015 Oceana SeaChange Party in Dana Point, California, of course! I rather like Aimee, a fresh face with a tender little voice. I'm genuinely confused as to why the entertainment industry can't figure out what to do with her.
Source: Just Jared Jr


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