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Aida Yespica shows off her cheeks and peaks on Miami Beach

01.26.2017by: No Cool Handle

Anyone with a proclivity for bird dogging the world's hottest women may remember Aida Yespica. For those who don't, her archetype is that of the busty pin-up girl, specializing in beauty pageants, the annual release of a nude calendar and taking any opportunity she gets to show off her body. Case in point, her weekend excursion to Miami beach, which turned out to be quite the T & A display. This Venezuelan import was throwing her ass around like she owned the f**king shoreline. Not only that, but a rare moment was also captured: Aida oiling up her tush. Why is it so hard to catch a hottie rubbing her cheeks and peaks (Cheeks & Peaks... sounds like a wing joint) down with some kind of greasy UV ray deterrent? I for one would like to see more of that shit going on – an interest made all the more potent while gazing at Aida Yespica's shiny seat. One day, some young hottie, who looks amazing in a bikini, will realize that's a good way to get attention.

Source: NS4W


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