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Ahoy, mateys! It's your fav person, Kim Kardashian on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Bow down to our queen and Earth’s mighty savior, Kim Kardashian! Bow down at the altar of her magnificent cleavage, as her mountainous boobs greet us from the cover of one of the world’s most revered publications! Feed the Kardashian monster, it needs your hate to keep growing! Without hate and jealousy, the Kardashians would begin to disintegrate from our universal timeline (they exist in other timelines too) and fade away from existence like Marty playing the guitar at the end of Back to the Future. We must keep the Kardashians, led by their ancient goddess Kim, strong. For it is written in the book of Dash that the Kardashians will one day absorb all the energy from forums and online boards across the globe to enhance their powers when the time comes that they must defend the planet from its otherworldly invaders.

Oh, as if you AREN’T going to click for a bigger view of them tig ol’ bitties. Come on. Come oonnnnnn. Just not on it. Your screen, that is. And also here’s some other pictures of Kim doing some other stuff, I don’t know. Why not. Like the saying goes, a day without a Kardashian fix is a day wasted.

Extra Tidbit: I feed off your Kardashian hate, haters! Nom nom nom nom


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